How to write an Effective Resume?

A resume is not only a summary of your Academics & Work Profile but also an advertisement that depicts yourself to the employer. The resume makes the first impression about you. A resume will helps to showcase your skills and organise your thoughts. It is the basis for the interviewer to justify your hiring.
Here we discuss how to write an effective resume.

Importance of Resume

There is much competition to grab a job, so you do not just write a resume but attention-grabbing one. It is the first point of interaction between the employer and you. So spend time preparing for your resume. A targeted and effective resume will qualify you for the interview.

Essentials of a Resume

• An objective (or a career objective)
• Personal Details
• Educational Qualification
• Professional Experience
• Technical Qualification
• Your Skills and Hobbies
• Your Achievements
• References

Do not submit the same resume to all jobs

You should write a resume with a target in mind and be appropriate. First of all, you should analyse the job role and compose one that appropriates for the job title. It should meet all the requirements of the employer. A customised resume will increase the chance of shortlisting you for the interview.

Highlight your Strengths

Listing out your Key strength is important for a resume. You want to include relevant soft and hard skills that show you have what it takes to get the job done. The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure your strengths are relevant for the position you’re targeting. Also, mention your specific achievements to prove that you are better than your competitor.

Keep it Short & Simple

Some employers do not spend much time in reading a resume. So write a moderate size resume probably one or 2 pages of length. Recruiters are interested to know about your latest experience / Qualification. So you must maintain the chronological order of your jobs. Also, remember to use the right font size.

Ensure Correctness

A resume must be error-free. You must avoid typing mistakes and grammatical errors. Make sure to mention correct employments dates and designations. The employer can use a background check to validate the information you specified in the resume. If your data in the resume is wrong, that will lead to a negative impression and your chance of employment would become zero.

Make the Best First Impression

Another important thing is that you should maintain a better paper & printer quality. Try to maintain a better format in your resume, that looks professional and avoid multiple font styles. Explain what you can contribute to the company in a simple and plain language. If the employer asks you to send a resume by e-mail, it is better to use PDF format.

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